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Did You Know?

👉 57% of data breaches can be directly attributed to attackers exploiting a known vunerability that had not been patched?

👉 74% of the companies do not patch fast enough due to lack of staff, skills or resources?

Why Is Patching Challenging?

👉 Keeping up with increasing vunerabilities and following regulatory requirements

👉 It is a fact that patching is time consuming and will keep your critical resources underutilized

👉 The expertise and resources required for patching can lead to deviation from the core business

👉 Lacking patching capabilities and expertise can risk your business to a great extent



Range of Patching Solutions

  • Cloud, on-prem, servers and endpoint devices.
  • Infrastructure patching including firewalls, routers, and switches.
  • Supports Windows/MAC/LINUX and 3rd party patching.

Cater to Your Patching & Vulnerability Requirements

  • Prioritize, schedule and automate patching.
  • Remote control and real-time capabilities.
  • Scan for vulnerabilities.

Flexible Patch & Vulnerability Management Solutions

  • Fully managed or partially managed services.

Complete Visibility

  • Access to customized reports.
  • Access to dashboards.
  • Compliance and reporting.


1. Increase Business Security

Identify your security needs with our assessment process.

Implement mitigation strategies with our patch and vunerability solutions.

2. Be Compliant

Stay compliant with our patch documentation.

Access detailed reporting.

Understand the strategies in place.

3. Patch On Time

Deploy latest patches automatically with our patch solution.

Reduce threats with our frequent vunerability scanning.

Stay ahead to secure your business environment.

4. Our Expertise

Ultimate protection to your endpoints, servers, and network devices.

Prevent attacks and mitigate threat factors.

Flexibility and convenience at your fingertips.

Start Securing Your Business Environment Today!

1️⃣ We conduct an initial conversation and a Q & A session to understand your requirements.

2️⃣ Onboarding and prioritization of patches

3️⃣ Continued maintenance and reporting

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